The purpose of this study is to equip the office and country in overall with a GBV monitoring framework, enabling the office to effectively collect information on GBV. Indeed, this information is necessary for effective prevention and response to GBV situation.

This assessment was conducted in response to the need for evaluating the extent to which the law had impacted on the lives of the beneficiary populations.

This assessment was conducted to identify gender related international instruments to which the Government of Rwanda is part, assessing the current status of implementation and reporting, and proposing a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation system to efficiently track the implementation and reporting of regional and international gender related instruments

This study was conducted to present key indicators both national and international for the three sectors: Governance, Agriculture and Private Sector. For each indicator, the responsible institutions are required to gather data and the periodicity have been indicated. The report highlights also recommendations that would enable getting data disaggregated by sex for each indicator of the three sectors.

The study was commissioned to present key indicators both national and international for the four sectors: Governance, Agriculture, Infrastructure and Private Sector. This enabled the Government not only to observe how gender balance is being respected but also to do effective monitoring and evaluation