Reference Point for Information and Documentation on Gender Equality


As provided by the Gender Monitoring Office Strategic Plan 2017-2022, the Gender Monitoring Office serves as point of reference for information and information on gender equality in Rwanda. GMO gathers information on the status of gender equality in the country, best practices, lessons learnt, challenges and proposed recommendations to overcome the indentified gaps. The information if found through different monitoring activities and assessments as well as researches conducted on gender matters in the country.  

Gender Monitoring Office also is also consulted for the elaboration of gender sensitive laws, polices, programs and recommendations. The Office also proactively provides technical guidance towards addressing gender equality gaps in all spheres of national development. 

The Gender Monitoring Office also established a library containing important books, reports and publications related to gender equality, women empowerment and Gender Based Violence both in Rwanda and beyond. The library is consulted by researchers, students, activists and institutions for gender equality related information.