Monitoring Gender Based Violence


In the framework of monitoring gender equality principles and the fighting against Gender Based Violence and related injustices, the Gender Monitoring Office monitors the effectiveness of Gender Based Violence prevention and response mechanisms as well as the quality of services offered to Gender Based Violence victims.

Gender Monitoring Office work also includes guidelines and indicators for service delivery. The Office also monitors the implementation of recommendations provided to address the identified gaps and challenges, all towards ensuring that GBV victims access appropriate services, and ensure that all institutions are proactive in GBV prevention and response. 

2.Monitoring Approaches 

  • Establishing Systems and Mechanisms for Measurement: E.g: Developing GBV Indicators 
  • Conducting participatory audits and assessments on GBV Prevention and Response :  E.g: Assessment of the Quality of GBV services offered by GBV service providers 
  • Generating Data for evidence Based Advocacy: Elaboration of concrete issue papers, elaboration of advocacy briefs, etc… 

3.Main Achievements 

  • GMO conducted various assessments in public, private and civil society organizations to evaluate the existing mechanisms for prevention and response to GBV as well as the quality of services provided to victims. 
  • Different monitoring activities including monitoring of Isange One Stop Centers, conducting GBV hearing sessions at community level, assessment of the Role of Civil Society Organizations in GBV Prevention and Response, and assessment of mechanisms for fighting against GBV in schools, and hospitability industry.
  • GMO also produced advocacy and Policy papers on teenage pregnancy and Human Trafficking. 
  • All interventions contributed to increased public awareness on GBV prevention and response as well as strengthening accountability to GBV service delivery in all sectors and at all levels.